A Brief Overview Of Customer Benefits

  1. First-Mover: Cubenatic is the first Quantum-secured art collection
  2. First art collection to combine physical art with digitally secured proof of ownership rights
  3. First to secure digital evidence on both a Quantum-secured file system and on the blockchain
  4. Strongly limited total number
  5. Exclusive, handmade artwork by artist Schoenfeld
  6. The artwork is CodeArt, a new art form created by Schoenfeld
  7. The artwork was created without any image or photo editing software
  8. The artist has crafted the artwork in a new medium to produce the art
  9. The artwork was then completed on canvas with pigment protected colours
  10. Possibility of different sizes (standard size is 100cm x 100cm format)
  11. Extremely durable colors and color fastness. The colors stay the same for 100+ years
  12. Continuously higher value assignment due to increasing prices for each Batch release
  13. Numbered 1/1 and hand signed by the artist
  14. Serial number and color code - protected
  15. 100% security of rights. 30-six trillion times stronger encryption than Bitcoin (3 with 21 zeros)
  16. Digital image in full print resolution secured on the decentralized IPFS network
  17. Possibility of sales on open digital marketplaces
  18. Can be reproduced by the owner as purchase of the artwork includes reproduction rights as a free bonus

  19. Additional benefits for businesses:

    - Tax benefits: The entire amount might be deductible  in some countries (no garanties here, you have to do your own research in your specific country)
    - As a business-owner you might be VAT-free in your country on EU-purchases

    Additional benefits for nerds:

    - As a bonus, all buyers of the artworks (after verified purchase) receive 2 digital proofs-of-purchase in the form of so-called Non-Fungible-Tokens. One token is secured on the EVM compatible Polygon Blockchain as well as the IPFS network and the other token is secured on the QSS network which is a quantum secure decentralized digital authorization network.
    - The tokens are a bonus and NOT part of the artwork, but must only serve to secure ownership and reproduction rights for all buyers. The buyer can opt out of this option if it is not desired. All customers with a user account on cubenatic.com can make use of the transfer option after each verified purchase.